Meads Hill

Meads Hill

Meads Hill, SH3, on the move – drying out the slip zone

Meads Hill on State Highway 3 is a section of state highway was constructed across a steep gully of earth and in recent times was on the move. As SH3 is a strategic link between the Waikato/Auckland and the Taranaki region the stabilisation was a priority for Transit NZ.

Several remedial actions were undertaken to stabilise the embankment. These included drilling and concreting three rows of timber piles up to 8m deep parallel to the road and into the Papa rock beneath the slip, removing trees, placing rock riprap and dewatering the slip zone.

In order to dewater the slip zone the dewatering pipes needed to be carefully threaded between the three rows of tightly spaced piles. This is where Universal Underground’s experience in design and drilling came to the fore – Universal Underground came up with a method to directional drill between the piles, following the rock all the way to the other side of the road and exiting the ground in a paddock where the pipe was connected and pulled back.


To read more on this project please click on the link below to the Meads Hill Brochure


Brochure Meads Hill